Finding Out if Dentures are a Good Fit for You

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Unfortunately, due to either dental decay or injury to the mouth, many people experience the loss of teeth. Losing either some teeth or all teeth regardless of the reason why can be detrimental to not only one’s health, but also their self-esteem. If you have experienced tooth loss and want to restore back your smile for both health and cosmetic reasons, then consider checking out the option of dentures cape coral fl

Your first question may be, what are dentures? Well, dentures are basically replacement teeth for the ones that you have lost. These replacements are custom-made for your mouth. The base of the denture is made of acrylics and they are flesh-colored so that when they are placed over your gums, they look just like real gums. The upper portion(teeth) are made of white composite material and shaped just as your real teeth would be. 

If you think dentures are for you, then the first step is to visit a prosthodontist. This is a specialist that has not only went to dental school but has had years of traditional training on the restoration of teeth and replacement of teeth. At the first visit, this professional will discuss with you what your options are. There are multiple treatment options to be considered, depending on where you are in the stage of needing dentures. 

There are many questions that one might have when considering getting dentures. Some ask can you sleep in your dentures and the answer is yea, although most dental professionals recommend taking them out at night to give your mouth time to relax at night. Others wonder whether you can eat normally with dentures. The answer to that question is that you can eat normally, once you get used to wearing the dentures. It can take some time to get used to having the presence of dentures in your mouth, but once you do, they should have a natural feel. 

When first getting dentures, you may find that there is some pain and irritation associated with the process. This pain may be enhanced if you must have teeth extracted around the same time that you get dentures. Irritation may also occur if you have ill-fitting dentures. Your dentures should fit snugly in your mouth. If they are slipping around due to being loose, then it is time to get your dentures relined so that they fit snug again. 

The only way you will know whether dentures are for you, is to visit an office that specializes in the fitting of dentures. This professional will evaluate your mouth and consider your dental history and what you hope to accomplish by seeking out treatment with dentures. At this visit they will also discuss with you what fees will be associated with obtaining dentures. You may find that your dental insurance will cover a portion of the expenses and that the dental practice will allow you to make reasonable payments on the remaining balance.


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