Tips on How to Protect Your Eyes

It can be easy to take your eyes for granted. Although you use your eyes for practically everything, actually taking steps to protect them often is the last thing people typically think about. You may not even realize how poor your vision is until you visit an eye care center Kansas City MO for a check-up. Whether you have poor vision or you have excellent vision, you should be taking steps to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. You don’t get a second set of them should they fail. This article will discuss a few steps that you can take to protect your eyes and maintain excellent eye health. 

1. Wear Sunglasses

While sunglasses have become a necessary staple for many people in regards to fashion, they should be worn by everyone. Even on cloudy days, it isn’t a bad idea to have a pair of sunglasses on during the day. Even if you can’t directly see the sun, it is still there and shining down. It can be bright enough to cause damage to your eyes. Not to mention, if the sun does emerge from the clouds, it could cast a spark on a bright piece of reflective material that can blind you. When in doubt always choose to wear a pair of sunglasses. 

2. Keep Them Moist

Many people are experiencing eyestrain due to looking into computer screens and phone screens for hours. As a result, your eyes are basically slowly being burnt away by the blue light that these screens emit. They can eat away at your retina and cause your vision to become blurry. Besides just looking away at your screens, you should also regularly moisturize your eyes. There are affordable teardrops that you can drop into your eyes regularly. These artificial tears can keep your eye healthy by having the tears keep bacteria from entering your eye. It also helps form a protective barrier from light. 

3. Visit Your Eye Doctor

There is no better solution for maintaining excellent eye health then visiting an optometrist. You visit your doctor for regular physicals. Why wouldn’t you also visit your eye doctor to ensure that your eyes are doing just as well? Eye doctors actually do more than just check up on the health of your eyes, too. They can also inspect aspects of the rest of your health like your brain. Sometimes, even tumors can be detected because of your eye doctor. 

4. Eat The Right Food

Your diet also matters when it comes to improving eye health. Perhaps you’ve heard that by eating carrots, your eyes will be strong. There’s certainly some truth to that. However, carrots aren’t the only food that you should include in your diet to promote good eye health. In fact, you should also focus on citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. This is because they contain vitamin C which can fight against eye damage.


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