3 Best Ways Cannabis Helps Your Sex Life

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Cannabis or marijuana is famous for its various health benefits. It produces a mind-altering effect and has been successfully used in the medical industry. People recognize cannabis for its benefits in helping with anxiety, pain, digestive issues, seizures, and many more. Stress, anxiety, inadequate sleep, and fatigue have become a part of our lifestyle nowadays. This has affected our lives in many ways, including our relationships with our partners. That’s why people are now exploring ways cannabis can help spice up their sex life. So let’s first understand how cannabis interacts with the body.

Cannabis mechanism in the body

The human body has a built-in endocannabinoid system (ECS), composed of endocannabinoids that interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce different positive effects. Cannabis contains two significant cannabinoids, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). When you consume cannabis, the cannabinoid, THC interacts with the CB receptors to produce euphoria. In contrast, CBD interacts with the ECS to produce positive effects in the body without any “high”. Both these cannabinoids consumed together can be useful in providing many positive impacts on the human body, which includes enhancing intimacy among couples. There are different ways of consuming cannabis, like smoking, vaping, sublingual tinctures, or edibles.

Now, let’s see the three best ways cannabis helps improve your sex life.

1. Build better intimacy with your Partner

Stress and anxiety are the main factors that influence sex life. The human body undergoes a set of changes when under tension to create a fight or flight response. It increases your pulse and blood pressure that triggers the discharge of cortisol into the bloodstream. High amounts of cortisol in the blood lead to a decrease in sex drive.

Cannabis, when consumed in moderate doses, can activate endorphins that help in lightening the mood by opening up the conversation. The CBD in cannabis reduces the stress levels by supporting the ECS and serotonin system. As per research, CBD improves your mental state, making you relaxed and happy. It activates the feel-good hormones, endorphins that help build a good connection among partners, which is essential for good sex. CBD and THC also act as vasodilators, meaning an increased blood and oxygen flow and heightened arousal resulting in better sexual enjoyment. Cannabidiol is available in different delicious flavors, which one can easily add to their daily diet to help them relax and enjoy intimate times with their Partner.

2. Improves Sleep

One of the most important elements for great sex life is energy, which can only be there if you get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep causes stress, anxiety, fatigue, and a lack of interest in everything. Sleep helps manage stress, enhance cognitive skills, and increase energy levels. People with inadequate sleep have constant racing thoughts and face difficulty sleeping continuously, which leads to waking up not feeling energized or refreshed.

Cannabis helps enhance sleep quality, which will support a peaceful sleep and wake up fresh and energetic. The heightened energy levels can improve your love life. The use of cannabis-infused essential oils relaxes your muscles and ignites passion into your sex life. There are different strains of marijuana available in the market today that buy CBD pills online.

  1. Reduces Pain

Women with endometriosis often feel pain after sex, similar to cramps, which can continue for days. Not just this, as per research, almost 20 percent of post-menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness. Vagina dryness causes discomfort during sex and increases the chances of having a vaginal infection. It changes the attitude of women towards sex. The fear of pain after sex often builds anxiety and tension between the couple, which leads to a loss of interest in sex.

CBD helps alleviate pain related to arthritis, neuropathic pain, menstrual cramps, and endometriosis by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. According to a survey, people are more inclined to use cannabidiol for pain mitigation as it has lower side effects than opioids. Cannabidiol balm or lube are excellent products to alleviate pain and magnify interest in the bedroom. Cannabidiol lube can be a savior for women with vaginal dryness or irritation, helping them during intercourse by heightening sensation and better orgasm. Women can forget the pain related to sex and indulge in passionate sex. Apart from pain relief, CBD lube is also an excellent tool for tunning up the foreplay. It is due to the lube’s ability to lessen tissue damage and boost blood flow to the reproductive organs. As per a Forbes article, CBD, when blended with THC, intensifies sex drive in both men and women. It will let you concentrate on your feelings and desires instead of worrying about the discomfort.


The therapeutic benefits of cannabis can be effectively used in enhancing your sex life. Couples can further use CBD-infused body oil for a soothing massage before getting flirty. The CBD massage will give you instant topical relief and bring back the energy. Make sure that you purchase and use a high-quality CBD product that is tested and states the CBD percentage in the product. Purchasing low-quality cannabis products might contain a small portion of CBD, as claimed on the product, and won’t provide the aspired results. Apart from practicing cannabis, taking a warm shower and meditating before bedtime is also beneficial in improving sex life.

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