Can Cannabis Improve Sex? Everything You Need To Know

Cannabis and sex have been associated with one another even before science proved anything. Now, when medical marijuana can relieve anxiety and pain, it can also aid in sexual stimulations and enhancements. Numerous studies have resulted in support of cannabis.

There are no particular measures to claim cannabis to increase the sex drive. Continue reading to know cannabis is improving sex.


Undoubtedly, it is delightful for the females, and this is why they consume it before having sex. They reach orgasm more quickly than the ones who do not take any cannabis before sex. The level of effects might vary on each woman, but the association is clear and imperative.


Not only are the women taking the benefits, but also the men are having fun. It significantly increases the coital activity. However, none of the research yet proved their improved orgasm rate or men’s struggle for reaching their climax.


Given below are the various ways with adequate details to use cannabis for an elegant date, from your decent meal to approaching each other on the bed.

Dinner Date:

Prepare a romantic meal along with candles. Using marijuana before sex is more suitable than taking it during sex. Maintain a romantic playlist while having your dinner, why not add garlic butter with some cannabutter. And let the intimacy surround you.

Couch Date:

A very intimate date, yet different. There are strains that can couch-lock you. You can feel your partner and can feel lost entirely while looking deep into their eyes. These body-load strains are very advantageous for staying in each other’s arms.

Nature Date:

Walking with a person who best understands you is a heavenly feeling, and when marijuana is added to this combination, you can make the most of your time with each other and nature. The scenery shines brighter when the partner is beside.

Massage Date:

Though massage is extremely relaxing, why to miss a jackpot when you are halfway done. Utilize cannabis and let your female partner adore her orgasm being lubricated for 15 minutes. Results may vary due to all the factors included.


As per the desires, different strains can serve the purpose of enhancing the senses. To avoid any nervousness and to focus on your performance, Indica- dominant hybrid, Kali Dog, is best. Moreover, Sativa, like Shining Silver Haze, will make you feel playful in seconds. For deeply feeling your partner’s touch, use Sour Diesel. Hybrid strain -Skunk XL is another strain to give an extra kick to your libido.

Tip: Determine the amount of cannabis consumed, because it is not the focus of the moment. Plus, do not try a new strain right before having sex, observe the effects on your body as staying comfortable is vital during sex.

Is CBD satisfying for the Sex Life?

CBD is a bundle of energy for its users before sex and increases the stamina while improving the sense of touch. The pains which either of the partners may feel are relieved.

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