Indoor marijuana growing techniques, hydro, or soil?

Marijuana cultivation is relatively simple, easy to learn, but the more we go into it, the more we realize that it is a not so easy art to master. One of the keys to the success of any crop is the control of the growing medium used, being something essential in the correct development of plants.

The means most used by marijuana growers are the soil or hydroponic systems, each with its strengths and drawbacks.

How to choose the culture medium that best suits our needs or our qualities as a cultivator is something of utmost importance, that’s why we describe the advantages and disadvantages of each technique so that it becomes easier for you to decide as to which technique is best for you.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis on land?

Growing Cannabis Australia on land is the most logical and common way to do it, the most natural way, as nature does. It is also the most tolerant and the most margin of error provides the grower, the possible mistakes made, due to lack of experience or possible neglect, will be less aggressive for our plants.

Cultivation in soil consists of the roots of the marijuana being below the ground, providing the necessary nutrients, acting as a support for the plant, and protection for the root system.

  • One of the main virtues of growing in soil is that it is the most natural way of obtaining cannabis, especially if organic nutrition is used.

It is a very simple cultivation technique, without a doubt, the best choice for beginners or cultivators who do not want to complicate their lives with cultivation.

One of the most reiterated claims by growers is that pot grown in soil develops better organoleptic qualities, better taste, and smell than other growing techniques.

In cultivation issues such as PH control, the soil acts as a buffer in maintaining adequate PH, making it harder to damage cannabis.

  • The disadvantages of growing marijuana on land compared to other techniques are several:

Without proper drainage and waterlogging, it is very damaging to the roots, because too much water in the soil reduces the amount of oxygen in the soil, drowning the roots. It can also cause accumulation of salts that will prevent the absorption of nutrients, reducing the health of our plants, so it is very important to have a drain that guarantees us to get rid of excess water.

Soil can increase the risk of disease or attacks by cannabis parasites. In addition, plants take longer to show symptoms of a problem, and recovery may be slower.

Another drawback is that it is usually the slowest form of cultivation, and they can also be less productive, compared to other more advanced marijuana cultivation techniques.

  • And the advantages or disadvantages of hydroponics?

In hydroponic cultivation, water is the main medium. The roots can be settled in an inert medium, such as rock wool or clay, even suspended in the air inside a dark container.

  • Among the virtues of hydroponics, the main one is in the control that we can exercise over food and the control of the PH of the water.

This way we can give you the most adequate values ​​of nutrition and PH with which we will achieve maximum absorption of nutrients without damaging the roots for each phase of development of cannabis plants kratom headache, resulting in faster growth and more abundant flowering.

Crop efficiency is much higher with hydroponics; the use of water and nutrients is precise, nothing is discarded.

As it is an inert substrate, the risk of pathogens coming from the soil is nil, having less probability of needing the use of pesticides.

It can be easily adapted to the particular requirements of a specific variety, a great advantage for the expert grower.

  • Among the drawbacks, the main one is the difficulty, the cultivation of marijuana in hydroponics needs an exact and meticulous control of the necessary parameters.

If constant attention is not paid or carelessness occurs, any mistake the plant will suffer enormously and will pay dearly.

The control of the PH and the electroconductivity of the water has to be very precise, exact.

Nutrition is applied with supplements that we add to the water. It is very difficult to cultivate hydroponics organically, although not impossible if some type of tea or compost infusion is made.

Hydroponic systems usually need a good initial investment.

If the water is not maintained optimally cheeba chew deca dose, there is a risk of diseases related to spoiled or stagnant water.

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