Should You Be Working Out Alone or With a Partner?

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I started working out with a partner this year and it opened my eyes to the benefits of working out with someone else. I had gone so long without even considering working out with someone else that it actually shocked me how nice it was to experience this.

Many people like myself consider working out a solo project and approach it alone. They might chat with a fitness trainer to start their workout, but they throw on their headphones and start to go at it all by themself.

And there’s nothing wrong with working out alone. In fact, there are a ton of benefits of working out alone.

Benefits of Working Out Alone

There’s a reason why we all gravitate toward working out alone. We like to keep things like our weight and how much we are lifting private and are sometimes embarrassed to share these details.

Sometimes it can actually be distracting to work out with other people. Sometimes it can actually be a hassle to arrange times with other people and can deter you from working out as often as you should be.

Most often, the workout your partner wants to do (whether it’s a friend, your romantic partner, or an acquaintance at your local gym) might not be the best workouts for you. Your ideas of a routine might clash and it will leave one of you out in the dark.

Some other benefits of working out alone include:

  • You’re able to reset your mind and recharge your focus so you’re ready to take on the world when you leave the gym.
  • You can catch up on your favorite podcasts, use music to better enjoy yourself, or listen to a new book on audio.
  • It’s easier to try new things in the gym when you’re working out alone. Test out new routines and try the newest equipment in your local gym.

Sometimes You Need a Little Help

So how about the benefits of working out with a partner? Because there are definitely some advantages to having someone alongside you.

The first benefit is the fact that you have someone to motivate you to show up on time, keep at it, and push yourself further. Some days you need that little bit of motivation to ensure that you get the proper workout in.

Working out consistently isn’t easy and sometimes it takes a village to help you achieve your goals.

Some other benefits of working out with someone else are:

  • You can turn your workouts into a time for socializing, which can enhance your personal life and make you feel better.
  • You can get advice from someone else and have them add their insight into your fitness routine.
  • You might even be able to make a new friend if you decide to workout someone from your gym or your community.
  • If you decide to workout with your romantic partner, then it can even bring you closer together by sharing this experience.

Why Not Try Both!

My advice? Try working out alone and also with a partner to see what you enjoy best. Maybe it works best for you to switch it up every few days so you can keep your fitness routine fresh and exciting.

Working out with a partner completely opened my eyes to the benefits of doing it and, after many years of working out alone, I feel refreshed and motivated to succeed.

Make sure to explore your workout options to see what is better for you.

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