Different Types of Hand Surgeries

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Hand surgery is an umbrella term that involves various types of surgical procedures done on the hand, wrist, or arm. The said procedures are aimed to restore the appearance of the hand or its normal function. It is done for different reasons such as hand injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, congenital defects of the hand, infections, degenerative joint diseases, etc.

Once the hand surgeon identified the root cause of the hand problem, he may opt for the type of surgery applicable to the hand condition.


Different Types of Hand Surgery


1:Hand Skin Grafts


Hand skin grafts are surgeries performed to restore the skin’s natural continuity. It is usually performed after a hand injury or a limb amputation. During this procedure, a skin is taken from another part of the body. This then is grafted surgically to the injured hand.


2:Hand Skin Flaps


Hand skin flaps are somewhat related to grafts but done in a different way. Skin flaps are segments of skin taken from other areas of the body which are removed along with their blood supply. It is then grafted to the hand or any other donor site.




Fasciotomy is a type of surgery that is performed on carpal tunnel syndrome or compartment syndrome.  These conditions cause an increasing loss of hand function from a nerve compression. Fasciotomy will ensure that the syndrome will be fully treated.


4:Tendon and Nerve Repairs


Injuries and some hand diseases oftentimes cause a tendon to be injured. In this case, a hand surgery might be required to correct the hand structure. Nerve damage also happens when there’s a hand or limb injury, resulting to a complete or partial loss of hand function. It is best to do this type of surgery to an injured nerve right away to that healing is quicker. Nerve grafts, just like skin grafts, tend to be performed on cases where a big part of the peripheral nerves are damaged.


5:Joint Replacement or Arthroplasty


Joint replacement or Arthroplasty is done in cases where there is severe joint deformity such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions lessen the normal hand function, not to mention painful, reducing the patient’s quality of life. After a joint replacement, the patient will eventually be able to achieve daily functions and improve the quality of their everyday life.


6:Orthopedic Surgeries


Orthopedic surgeries are performed on the hand as a treatment to broken fingers or fractured small bones. Fixation and closed reduction are utilized to hold the broken bones. This will allow healing to the fractured bones.

There are several ways to treat a hand condition but it will surely provide patients with long-lasting relief, restoring the overall hand function, and improve the appearance of the hands. To achieve this, it is best to choose an experienced orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand and wrist surgeries. Dr. Gregory Kolovich is an award-winning hand doctor based in Savannah, Georgia. As the cofounder and CMO of Oxos Medical, a developer of orthopedic imaging devices, and also serving as the President of the Georgia Society for Surgery of the Hand, Dr. Kolovich utilizes is expertise, mechanical skills, vast knowledge, accuracy, and efficiency in helping people who suffer from hand injuries and disorders to regain their hand function and improve the quality of their life. See his 5-star testimonials at Healthgrades.


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