How Acceptable Is CBD in the UK

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CBD is the acronym for Cananbidiol.  It is a substance extracted from cannabis plant, which can either be industrial hemp or marijuana.  CBD is also the non-psychoactive chemical substance in marijuana. It is a direct opposite to THC, another substance extracted from marijuana. While CBD is non-psychoactive, THC is psychoactive.  So, THC will make you get high when you smoke marijuana, while CBD will not get you high.  The fact that CBD does not get you high makes it highly beneficial in so many areas.  It can be used for treating series of ailments like epilepsy, and chronic pain. It can also be used for managing PTSD.  Its benefits are far more than that.  There are studies underway to prove its effectiveness against conditions like arthritis and anxiety.  While CBD is beneficial in many areas, you should always bear CBD Regulations in the UK in mind before you start using the product.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will open your eyes to some of the regulations that are guiding the use of CBD in the UK.

  • Is CBD legal?

Many are expressing confusion about the legality of CBD in the UK.  This is not their fault, anyway. If you look at the Misuse of Drugs Act, you will see many of the cannabinoids listed as controlled substances.  While it is true that many cananbinoids are under scrutiny, CBD is not part of such restricted substances. So, CBD is 100% legal in the UK.  This is the basic thing you need to know about CBD Regulations in the UK. Even at that, there is still a clause attached to the legality. Only CBD products that are derived from the industrial hemp strain approved by the EU can be considered to be legal. The product must also come from the industrial hemp strain if it is to b accepted from other countries outside the EU.

Another point when considering the legality of CBD products in the UK is the THC content of such products. For the product to be counted legal in the UK, there must not be any trace of THC in the product. The only exception to this is Sativex, which contains an equal concentration of THC and CBD. The product was produced in the laboratory and is being used for treating multiple sclerosis.  For a product containing THC to be used in the UK, such a product must be given under strict medical prescription.  The use of medicinal cannabis in the UK can only be prescribed by doctors if the patient requires a medicine outside licensed medicines.  There had been cases of patients that got treated using CBD products in the UK and elsewhere. There are also indications that the laws guiding the use of CBD might be relaxed in the future.

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