How to Identify Sativa vs Indica

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Knowing the types of cannabis is the best way to start your journey with it. Having a good understanding of the subspecies that are commonly used will also give you an idea on what therapeutic benefits you would need. Sativa and Indica are common in many ways but at the same time very unique on their own as well. Here we will discuss some few details on how to identify Sativa vs Indica when choosing your marijuana strains.

  • Telling the DIfference between Indica and Sativa

There are a lot of things that are unique to each subspecies of cannabis as both have actually originated from totally different conditions and environments. However in this article, we will focus on what you need to know when choosing which marijuana seeds you want to grow.

While both Sativa and Indica strains are coloured green in most parts. Indica strains have a greener set of leaves than Sativa strains. Also, Sativa leaves are more slender and long while the indica leaves are wider in appearance.

  • Cannabis Indica

Indica plants may be shorter than Sativa but it doesn’t give you more yield, but it does as in total Indica plants develop denser and thicker buds than Sativa plants. Indica flowers are usually more fragrant.

Naturally, Indica plants are grown in the mountains where there is rougher weather and Sativa’s are grown in the tropical regions where they are exposed to hotter climates.

Because of the denser buds of the Indica, they usually have high THC ratios compared to Sativa.

  • Indica Effects

Indica produces more of a body high that is lazy and lethargic. It is usually recommended for night time use. The effects it produces are more felt in the body, causing users to sit down and relax.

Indica effects also include increase in creativity, lowers attention span and increases the sedative feeling perfect to relieve pain.

  • Cannabis Sativa

Sativa usually are lighter green in colour and have skinnier leaves. Also Sativa plants tend to grow taller with skinny branches that are distant from each other. On record the tallest Sativa has reached 25 feet tall, but on the normal side is on average 6 feet in height.

It is also common for some Sativa strains to double or triple their height during the start of their flowering period.

Lastly, Sativa plants usually weigh less than Indicas after drying because of it being less dense. Sativa smells less fragrant and is known to have lower weight to THC ratio.

  • Sativa Effects

Unlike the Indica, Sativa delivers what they describe as a stimulating head high. It is not likely to make you feel tired and most of the time it makes users energetic and creative.

Sativa has a euphoric effect that actually brings the feeling of well and it is accompanied by the feeling of serenity. Its therapeutic benefits are more diverse as it can also help in depression and uplifting of thoughts and energy levels that can stimulate happiness and hunger, increase creativity and encourage your imagination to go as wide as you can, altogether with increased focus. Sativa strains are recommended for day time use.

  • Conclusion

Sativa vs Indica may have many differences between them, however modern breeding technologies have allowed us to create strains with the\ perfect mixture of both to provide the effects that are more preferable depending on the conditions being treated.

This has allowed us to create hybrids that are at a perfect equilibrium depending on the consumers preference. This only means if you did not like the effect of the marijuana you have tried for the first time.You may have tried a strain that does not fit your liking. However, if you give it a chance to find the perfect balance for you, surely you will find happiness in marijuana too.

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