Dealing with an Embarrassing Disorder

Every year there are people diagnosed with disorders that can be very embarrassing and or shameful. According to Medical News Today, PGAD, which stands for persistent genital arousal disorder is a disorder that happens to both men and women that cause spontaneous genital arousal, without the need for stimulation. There are many people who face this disorder that have no idea as to why they were diagnosed with it. They feel that something is wrong with them psychologically to always feel stimulated. There is nothing wrong with them psychologically, it is a physical disorder that can actually cause psychological issues, due to the symptoms of the disorder. PGAD can cause someone to be extremely depressed and frustrated dealing with the long-lasting symptoms and can prevent them from living the life they always wanted to live. 

Many times, people living with PGAD are restricted to the things that they can do. According to Wikipedia, some of the symptoms that are associated with PAD include the pressure of the genitals, spontaneous orgasms, discomfort, pounding, pulsating, throbbing, pressure pain and tingling of the genitals. Many people who are living with the disorder feel that this disorder can control and take over their lives. They are not able to concentrate on the things that they need to do in life, such as work, school and or general thoughts. When you are trying to focus on work or school, your genitals tend to control you and cause you to not be able to focus. People who are suffering from this disease also tend to suffer from depression because of they and live a normal life. Their life is constantly being disrupted with this disorder. 

Those who are suffering from this disorder can seek treatment to be able to live a normal life again. There are many treatment centers who specialize in treating PGAD. There are people who have this illness and are suffering incredibly. There’s no need to suffer any longer because once you receive the treatment you are able to restore what you used to have. You can start by conducting research online by searching: persistent genital arousal disorder San Diego CA. From here, you should get a list of treatment locations that are willing to help you get better. Dealing with this disorder can be one of the most embarrassing things in life. You can be out with your friends and family enjoying your day and happen to experience an episode. you can no longer act normal or be comfortable because you are experiencing an episode that tends to control your mind physically and mentally. 

Overall, it is critical that you receive help from a treatment center. There are many treatment centers out there that are willing to go above and beyond to help you heal. Dealing with this disorder can take over your life and really control your mind and body. Make sure that you take time out of your day to think about why you should receive treatment for this disorder and how it can affect the future of your life.