Key to healthy aging – Make the second half of your life worth living

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For ages now, humans have been in the quest for tried and tested ways of extending life. There has been a never-ending hunt for the ‘fountain of youth’ and this trend runs through the pages of history. There’s certainly no doubt about the fact that if given a choice, the majority of the people would love to live as long as they can. However, the only metric to take into account while living long is not just the quantity of life but also the quality of life.

If you’re someone who is all set to enter the second half of your life, you should be ready to welcome some of the most gratifying decades. Surely, your hair turns into grays and your face gives place to more lines, but you can always age healthily.

As environment and lifestyle are both imperative for longevity and healthy aging, it’s important to know where exactly to start. Check out the following secrets.

Secret #1: Give the right fuel to your body

As per a post published by Harvard Health Publishing, as you age, it is necessary to focus more on whole grains, vegetables and cut down on carbohydrates, saturated fats, and also trans fats. Overeating is something that is never recommended for the aging generation. It’s smarter to shut down the kitchen post-dinner and keep food out of reach. You can check out the organic online store for more details on healthy aging.

Secret #2: Take stock of your health

Now that you’re aging, it is as important to stay at the pink of your health as it is to take stock of your health and meet your doctor for daily checkups. These are necessary visits that help you in detecting issues much before they start interfering in your lifestyle. The few tests that you may require doing will be based on your gender, age, family history, and whether or not you exercise or smoke. Doctors advise you to keep a tab on your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, colon cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, or prostate cancer.

Secret #3: Get your body moving

One of the best things that you can do for your body is exercise. Your body will thank you if you start it early in life. Exercise not just helps in improving your endurance and strength but also lets you keep a check on your health and weight. Exercise and yoga also enhance your balance and make sure there are fewer episodes of slip and falls that may lead to broken bones.

Secret #4: Adopt an optimistic attitude towards life

A positive and happy outlook can help you in extending your lifespan. Research by the Journal of Happiness Studies found out that happy people live longer than unhappy ones as they rarely fall ill. In fact, the researchers also add that the impact of happiness on your lifespan is equivalent to the effect of giving up the habit of smoking. So, be optimistic, practice meditation, implement stress management techniques and surround yourself with positive people.

Secret #5: Keep your mind and brain engaged

Throwing new challenges to your brain can protect you against mental slowing and memory loss, associated with aging. Find out something that you love doing and that will always keep your mind and brain engaged. If you love numbers, try out Sudoku puzzles every day. If you’re a wordsmith, play scrabbles and other word games with your grandchildren and friends.

The average life expectancy of seniors is at its historic highs all over the US. This is proof of the fact that how vital it is to maintain a good quality of life to optimize the quantity of your life.

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