Sculpting Your Lower Body In The Gym

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When it comes to getting fit, you have to pay attention to your lower body. If you are ready to embark on your gym quest to a better body, you need to have the right workout routine by your side. Rather than focusing solely on your arms, chest, and abs, you can benefit immensely from taking special care of your legs. In order to get a full lower body workout in, you need to dedicate one to two days at the gym toward the following routine. We’ll break down our entire leg routine in order to give you a general path to follow as you sculpt your better body.

Building a Better Body: Leg Day

Leg day has become something of a meme among casual gymgoers. We all have had tales of sore legs that have kept us from climbing stairs or maneuvering too quickly. Unfortunately, this meme has managed to dissuade people from pursuing a proper leg day, thus depriving them of those painful (and pleasant!) memories. Building a solid workout routine for your lower body can be instrumental in your fitness transformation. After all, your lower body impacts everything that is happening in your upper body. In order to get a proper workout, let’s look through a few key exercises that you need to consider incorporating.

1) Stiff Legged Deadlifts – There are a variety of lower body workouts that really get your attention after you do them for the first time. A stiff leg deadlift is an amazing workout that can activate your glutes, tighten your hamstrings, and get your heart going. This workout requires you to have a barbell and comfort enough to use it. This is an advanced lift, so make sure to pursue proper form before attempting it. For this exercise, you’ll be performing a basic deadlift. However, for this deadlift, you will keep your legs stiff so that you feel the burn in the back of your legs.

2) Bulgarian Split Squats – If you don’t have a squat rack handy, this exercise will do in a pinch. For this workout, you will be focusing on your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. You’ll be carrying two dumbbells for this routine. You’ll start with one ankle set atop a bench before lowering yourself into a split squat position. Do x amount of each exercise before switching your raised legs.

3) Back Squats – You can perform this exercise with kettlebells or a barbell. The back squat is one of the most important exercises for your lower body. This exercise is basically a squat that has the barbell starting deeper on your back. Start off with just the bar before working your way up the weight rack. Keep proper form at all times and always perform this exercise with a spotter.

When you pay attention to your legs, you set the stage for a killer workout routine. Make sure to pay attention to your form and your endurance. Never sacrifice your form in order to get in extra repetitions.


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