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How to Make Your Tummy Tight

Who doesn’t want a flat stomach with washboard abs? Many of us would like to whittle our middle and look firmer and tighter. Having babies, getting older, skipping your workout and eating a poor diet are all contributors to a loose, flabby belly. However, you’re not doomed to be stuck with it. There are several ways you can get that tight tummy you want so badly.

Work Your Entire Tummy

Instead of just cranking out crunches and sit-ups, you need to target the other muscles in your tummy. Both of these moves are great, but they must be combined with others to flatten all over. A multi-dimensional tummy workout includes twisting, alternating toe touches, reverse crunches and elbow planks. You should also include about 30 minutes of cardio each day to burn off excess fat and uncover the muscles beneath.

Add Protein to Your Meals

The wonderful thing about protein is that it gives your body energy while also satisfying hunger. Eating protein at every meal helps keep you from reaching for unhealthy snacks because you’ll feel fuller for longer. Eggs are a prime source of protein and make a healthy breakfast to get your day started off right. Other nutritious sources include lean meats, low-fat dairy foods, nuts, seeds, and beans.

Cut Back on Salt

Not only are salty foods often high in fat and calories, but too much salt causes your body to retain water, which can make you look bloated in the belly area. Cutting back on how much salt you sprinkle on your meals is a good place to start, but lots of foods are high in salt and shouldn’t be a regular part of your flat belly diet. That includes fast food, pizza, potato chips, pretzels and frozen dinners.

Eat More Fibre

Fibre is a pretty valuable addition to your flat belly plan. That’s because fibre digests slowly, keeping you feeling full longer. Including fibre in your meals gives you long-lasting energy and prevents you from mindlessly eating because you’re hungry between meals. The best sources of fibre are also nutritious and low in calories, making them perfect for reaching your goals. Choose fruits, vegetables and whole grains at every meal and you’ll have a lot more control over your appetite.

Consider a Tummy Tuck

Sometimes your best efforts still leave you with loose skin and a pouch on your belly. If you’ve made healthy changes to your exercise and diet plan and still aren’t seeing the results you want, a tummy tuck can help you finally get the flat belly you want. The procedure involves surgically removing extra skin and tightening the skin that’s left on your body. The result is a tighter, flatter and more toned midsection. Talk to your doctor about whether the procedure is right for you and learn more here.

Getting a flat belly won’t happen overnight and it won’t always be easy, but with hard work and dedication, you’ll be loving what you see in the mirror in no time at all.


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