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With the increased number of states that have implemented legislation for medical and/or recreational (adult-use) cannabis, and significant varying state that allows people to cultivate marijuana plants, it’s a no-wonder and inevitable that the fertilizer market slowly takes off.

With the right nutrients and fertilizers, you’ll definitely harvest your weed as quality-grown feminized cannabis seeds. A lot of information have been roaming the internet on what to learn about fertilizer and find the right product for your individual needs, but some who’s tending to overdo it cause nutrient burn and ultimately harm their plant – which resulted to thin buds.

In this guide, we look at the best fertilizers and provide a very informative, quick tip on making your own weed grow fast and healthy. Let’s dive right in!


Yes, you read it right! Your urine is a fantastic fertilizer for your marijuana plants. One of the key nutrients in weed growth is nitrogen, and fresh human urine has a high content of nitrogen.  Breakdown of your urine depends on your diet. If you follow a ‘Western’ diet, the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK) ratio is 11-1-2. However, DO NOT URINATE DIRECTLY ON THE PLANTS! It can kill them. You must only use your urine if you are healthy.


Ground-up parts of the fish that are inedible and it results as a fine powder that can be added to your soil. Fish emulsion is pressed fish oil and its definitely high in nitrogen too. When combined with the meal, it prolongs the release of the nutrients and serves as fertilizer. Some alternatives include blood, bone, and soy meal.


Bat Guano, simply known as bat poo has been used as a soil enricher for eons. It is often worked into the soil or made into compost tea and also has high nitrogen content (NPK ratio is 10-3-1). Its one ideal for weed’s vegetative stage.


Another unexpected fertilizer, wood ash contains ample potassium and lime for your plants. Lightly scatter the ashes on your plants, or add them to a compost heap. Wood ashes produce high amounts of salt and lye if it gets wet and also acts as an effective pesticide by keeping slugs, snails, and other soft-bodied invertebrates at bay.


Organic material will ultimately grow back into the soil, and take with it the nutrients in the original matter. You can compost kitchen waste and other organic materials and expect to be rewarded with wonderfully fertile soil.  Boost your plants grow, while reducing  landfill contribution and enrich the soil in your locality.


Once earthworm digests soil or other organic components, tiny organisms and loaded nutrients will be laden. It’s added to compost tea because adding it directly to weed, especially during the flowering stage, could result in your marijuana tasting like worm feces.


The process of photosynthesis involves plants using oxygen, sunlight, and carbon dioxide (CO2) to create energy. You boost your marijuana plants’ growth, when you increase the CO2 in your grow room.


If you’re using a growing medium such as Rockwool or coco coir instead of soil, you’ll likely have a Hydroponics setup. As a result, you need store-bought nutrients made especially for hydroponics. These nutrients will contain no organic matter as they are provided through minerals, and should contain optimum NPK ratios

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