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Back pain has become an increasing problem all around the world. As a result of ageing and the increasing population, lower back pain is increasing. For a range of spine conditions, manual physical therapy can be an effective treatment. You can reduce back pain by increasing strength, flexibility and endurance. You can also improve function with the help of physical therapy.

The physical therapists at New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy can tailor a program to meet your required needs. They also help you transition to exercising on your own when you are ready.

Treatments for spinal care

Physical manual therapy for spine care includes passive treatments like ice and hot packs, ultrasound, massage and manipulation. In massage and manipulation techniques, therapists move parts of the body. These can reduce the spinal problem in the short term.

To increase your strength, endurance and flexibility, therapists design an exercise program. Your back pain can be reduced over time by improving abilities in the back, shoulder muscle and hip.

Manual physical therapy for spine care includes (Depending on your conditions and requirements):

  • Strengths your hips, abdominal muscles and back by exercises
  • Swimming, cycling, walking etc. training in exercise can help you in reducing stress on your spine
  • Training in lifting
  • Learning to manage pain
  • Pool therapy
  • Education for good posture
  • Improving your balance
  • Learning to avoid falls
  • Endurance training

It may take months to notice less pain. You will be ready to exercise on your own by then and feel that your back pain is less frequent and severe. You will probably notice an improvement in your ability as your pain decreases. Our athletic trainer can help you with sport-specific strengthening if you are involved in sports.

The expertise of New Jersey Centres of physical therapy treats many spine conditions as follows:

  • Low back pain (lumbar spine)
  • Mid and upper back pain (thoracic spine)
  • Neck pain (cervical spine)
  • Rib pain and dysfunction
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Headaches

Why New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy?

The therapists of New Jersey use a highly researched clinical model to diagnose the type of treatment that can be helpful to you. They design a treatment plan according to your condition to get you back to feeling better.

You can experience a big difference in your comfort and spine health as doctors of New Jersey embody a comprehensive skill set using manual physical therapy. With the help of treatments provided by them, you can feel better without any medication or surgery.


Thus, from the above discussion, we can say that manual physical therapy can be a life-changing decision. Manual physical therapy consists of assessment and treatment using hand-on techniques of the musculoskeletal system. Manual therapy techniques are being used to promote normal movement patterns and return the patient to their daily activities. Soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization are the most effective techniques to reduce back pain. Active physical therapy can reduce your lower back pain and improve the quality of movement.


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